Thursday, September 8, 2011

How To Have An Amazing Labor Day

So it's a national holiday, (in the U.S.). All the banks are closed. Many of your favorite restaurants are closed. What can you possibly do to have a little fun?

First, you need to be sure you have some really great partners in crime...enter my two favorite boys.

We decided that such a nice day called for a trip to the zoo! So, after a scrumptious breakfast made by dad...(soy chorizo eggs and toast)...we were off to have our WILD adventure. 

Jase absolutely LOVES the zoo. When we got there we had to park across the street at the Remington Park parking. All 3 teirs of parking were nearly full! If you are from around OKC you know that this is calling for a VERY packed place. Well, it was insane! It was literally standing room only to see many of the animals, so we decided to hit Jase's highlights. 

We saw the rhinos when we first got in the gates. Jase doesn't really care for them, so we continued on to the lions. 

Of course, when we got there the lions were snoozing in the shade and poor Jase couldn't see them. We then headed through the Cat Forest. The jaguar was up and on the prowl. Jase kept saying, "dat's a big kitty mama!". Yes it was! :)

Then it was on to his favorite part of the day...The MONKEYS! He was so mezmorized by these creatures.  

He kept saying, "Mama, I go pway wif Gawge"(Mama I go play with George) He is in love with Curious George and he thought these monkeys looked like him...yes, I know George is a chimp, but we will teach him the difference later lol!

Beside the monkey cages is a swing rope for the kids to play on. Jase immediately thought he needed to try it. 



"Okay, I'll be nice for one."

Up the hill from the monkeys is a nice little splash pad for the little ones.  Jase wanted to "swim" so we took his shirt off and let him go at it.

So on a side note, does it make me a bad mom if I was secretly waiting at camera ready for him to get shot in the face with water???

How can you possibly end such a great day? With Chinese food of course!  Jase is so good about trying different foods, and he loves to go to The Grand House in OKC, the chinese food restaurant that is down from his daddy's work. 

...and in case you were wondering....

He does use chopsticks :)

Enjoy every moment you have by living in the now with the ones you love.  As always, if you like what you read please comment and share on your favorite sites!

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