Sunday, March 21, 2010

Goody Goody Gum Drops!!!

I know I am excited...I hope you are as excited as I am! Due to popular demand...I will be incorporating my photography ventures and sad attempts at cooking through this blog as well! (Thanks Mom...) I knew she would love this! :)

I am excited to start cooking new things starting April 2nd, and I will be trying to post a step by step photography instruction set as well as a recipe for you. I will for sure try to update it once a week until summer time, so check out Scrappy in the Kitchen coming soon!

Then I will be learning all about photography and just posting my results here in my Sweet Photography page. Be kind...I am new to this...but constructive criticism is always welcome!

We start back to school tomorrow, and although I have missed my babies terribly...all 20 of them...I am not looking forward to the mad crunch for testing. I hate this time of the year. All of the teachers get stressed out trying to prepare the kids and in turn it stresses the kids out. I feel that if you were doing your job all year you wouldn't need to have the cram it in session until testing in April. Alas, I do what is asked of me and I am just sad that we have had to use all of our snow days so now I know I will not get another "break" until summer. Wish me luck for a great week back! ~Keep it sweet and sprinkle it with scrappy!

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