Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trying to figure it out...

Well, today has certainly been a perfect day for figuring out this blogging thing. It has been snowing since midnight last night. We are lucky that it hasn't stuck to the roads. It truly is beautiful.  I am so happy with the layout and header I found for my blog! It makes it look so much more crafty, you know like me! :)

I spent about 2 hours today sorting through all the years worth of printed pictures I have. I am lucky that I am not very old! I already have 2 300 pic. photo albums, 4 photo boxes, and a basket of unprinted photo cds that needed sorting. I am currently reading Stacy Julian's organizational book called Photo Freedom and I absolutely love it! I can see how not worrying about being chronologically correct is going to aid in my creative processes. I can not wait for this summer when I will have the time to finish the complete reorganization of my scraproom, photos and all!

My next goal is to try and get my cards posted on Etsy to see if I can make any money in my free time.
Until then keep it sweet...but definitely keep it scrappy!

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