Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 1 Trip Out West

I wish I could tell you about all of the wonderful shopping and sightseeing we did on this day...but then I would be lying! We arrived at the OKC airport at 5:30 in the AM. Our plane took off for Denver at 7:30.

We arrived in Denver and we were supposed to fly out at 11:30, but SURPRISE SURPRISE our flight was not delayed...but CANCELED!!! We stood in line at the customer service desk for a good hour to hour and a half to find out we would be leaving on a flight to Jackson at 7:30 PM. That means we would be stuck in the Denver airport for 12 hours! (With a 1 year old in tow)

We found time to some magazines and catch up on the latest celebrity ice around on the moving sidewalks...and meet some interesting new people from Alabama. Jase decided he can be friends with anyone! :) 

I will edit this post later with pictures of Jase on his first airplane ride as soon as I get some from Uncle Shelby. Check back tomorrow for Day 2 of our Western adventure!

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