Monday, January 24, 2011


Oh my how I have abandoned this blog! I got super busy last semester with my FINAL class for my master's degree. WOO HOO! I am finally done. I didn't think I would ever get here, but now that I am I am loving all the free time I keep finding.

This past Saturday I hosted the girls for scrap day. I didn't get as much done as I normally do, but I LOVE what I did accomplish...

 This is my weight loss jar. Jason has agreed to pay me $5 for every pound I lose! There is already 15 dollars in it!  Yay me!

 This is my sweet little sheriff in town...
 This is the Christmas tree on Jase's first Christmas.

This is my vision collage. I am a member of SparkPeople and part of your journey is to put together a vision collage. My vision collage not only talks about my desire to lose weight, but also my dream of building my dream house and saving money to travel. 

I hope you all will forgive me and I look forward to making many more posts soon!


  1. Congratulations on finishing your masters!
    Glad to see you blogging again and hope to see more.
    Best of luck on your goals and dreams - you can do it - just look how far you've come already!

  2. Great collage! And love your weight loss jar! :-)

  3. I'm going to copy Michele's comment. It's EXACTLY what I was thinking!

    Great collage! And I LOVE your weight loss jar!

    You're such an inspiration!

  4. Outstanding work on these pages!!!! My husband and your husband are Masonic buddies and he sent me a link to your blog...I signed up to follow....I think I met you at the Bricktown Ballpark! always nice to meet scrappy new friends!