Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Time....

...and the living is easy! 
 Wednesday is my new favorite day of the week. We all get together as a family and have dinner at Kiki's house. This Wednesday we decided Jase needed to have his first water sprinkler experience. 

It was all fun and games until that stupid little flower shot him with water in the face...

Then it was time to put your dukes up! (This little boy has my <3)

Have I mentioned lately that my little boy is a little prissy? He could not stand the wet grass on his feet. At one point his Kiki tried to pick him up and place him next to the sprinkler and the little turkey wouldn't put his feet down! :)

We had an amazing time watching the innocence and wonder of a child. I am so blessed.

Thank you Kiki for my Sprinkler and sidewalk chalk! I love you!

...and in case I haven't made it clear enough...I love this boy! 

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