Sunday, June 27, 2010

Michael Buble

I LOVE HIM!!!! His music is amazing and he is the best entertainer ever! If you ever get a chance to see him I totally recommend it! I was lucky enough to land front row seats to his concert in Tulsa and these are a few of my favorite pictures I got from the night.

Myself and Katie looking HOTT!
Party Pic!!!
"Oh! Michael I can't I am married!"
On the front row of the concert...we sat next to a really nice family from Tulsa! They bid on 16 tickets total just to make sure they got the best seats. We were really lucky to get the seats we did.
This is the group Naturally 7. The are a vocal play group. They sing A Capella and all of the "instruments" you hear are actually made with their voices. It is amazing!
...and here he is...the man himself...MICHAEL!!!!
I love this shot of Michael with the piano. He sat right in front of us and sang several songs. We were in heaven on Earth!
This could be my favorite shot of the night.
 A shot of me with Michael in the background...just so I can prove that I was really that close!
A really good shot of the stage.
...and last but certainly not least...Michael singing my favorite song..."Feelin' Good" We certainly felt good after this amazing night!

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  1. Sooo jealous! I LOVE Michael Buble... my dh bought me his concert DVD on BluRay... now I need to work on those concert tickets! LOL!
    You had an awesome view!