Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wet 4th...

Isn't this the most adorable little boy you have ever seen! 

We went with my mother and step-father to Lake Texhoma for the 4th this year. We were all geared up for some good food, great friends and family, and amazing times on the boat. Here is where I must stop for a moment of silence....

I have still yet to make it out on Lake Texhoma once this summer! It has rained cats and dogs every time I have gone! This time was no exception. It even rained out the big fireworks show on Saturday night. Well what happens when you have a whole crazy family cooped up in one little lake house all weekend? A little too much drinking and a lot of fun!
This is my little sister Jennifer and the current Miss Texas American Miss! She just won the pageant this weekend and will be going to Anaheim, California Thanksgiving weekend to compete in Nationals! Go Jaci Walker!!!
This is crazy poppa David (my step-dad) and my step sister Jordan. We love how silly they are!

This is a prime example of what happens when someone gets a little too much Captain Morgan in them...they sneak off to the dock next door and take crazy pictures with Mannequin Pirates. :) On the way over I walked into a light up palm tree and now have a nasty scratch and bruise to prove it :)

This is Shelby...he is an awesome photographer and future Brother in Law. He is crazy like me so we fit in nicely together...

By the end of the night this pirate ( I like to call him Gray Beard ;) ) became great friends! After all, what is the fourth of July without a little celebration of our freedom to have fun?

And last but not least, I truly am so blessed to live in America and be free to live the life I choose with my sweet little boy and amazing husband. I am so happy to be me. 

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