Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boys and Their Toys...

These are my 2 most favorite boys in the world. One just graduated from law school the other just started counting to three. One thing they have in common? They both love their toys! With a specific one in particuar...

This is my husband's latest toy. It was his graduation present to himself. (I tend to love it too, but don't tell him that.) He was so excited to get this car, a 1975 stingray, except he knew he wanted new wheels. Well, these said wheels finally showed up on our door step this week, and he took a much needed break from hours of studying for the BAR exam to put them on. 
This is where little Jase decides that he is a big boy and he volunteers himself to be Daddy's little grease monkey. I did not complain because let's face it I like to drive the cars not get dirty changing has to be the priss in me. :) 
He helped his daddy by rolling the tires where they needed to go. They were almost as big as he is, but he seemed to manage it just fine!
Then he made sure daddy had all the right tools. This is where he was handing daddy the tire iron that narrowly missed mommy's foot :)
He helped dad by making sure all the lug nuts were tightened correctly..."just one more turn daddy!"
Then it was time to take her for a test drive!

We had fun helping dad and we hope you had fun reading about it! Leave us a comment!
~Jessica and Jase


  1. CUTE! he is a bug boy isn't he? I love the first picture with that most adorable smile! love it! and him!

  2. Jessica...I love seeing pics of Jase... he is sooooo cute and he is a very happy lil guy.
    Love reading a Day in the Life.... you are quiet an amazing lady.... I hope you are enjoying your summer. Robin