Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Boy and His Papa

     There is nothing more sweet in this world than the bond between a child and his grandparent. I can remember the sweet summers I spent with my own. I miss my Nana and Papa everyday. I look into my child's eyes and wish that they could be here to enjoy his sweet smile. I do believe that they held him before I did. They gave him lots of love as soon as they made it to Heaven. 

Nana and Me
Papa John (my great-great grandpa) Nana and Me
      Papa and Me

 My grandparents taught me the importance of hard work. We worked in their garden, we picked up pecans in their orchard, and we cleaned their pool every day we were with them.  My papa would let me drive his old farm truck down the long dusty dirt roads of Charlie, Texas. He and my Nana did every thing in their power to make sure my sister and I knew we were loved. They wanted us to have the most fun possible. My heart overflows with love when I see my dad taking on the tradition of being a Papa. He is following in a great mans footsteps, and he is doing a wonderful job.

Papa and Jase feeding the ducks.

Jase feeding the rocks ;)

Papa and Jase playing cars with the garage.

Papa and Jase driving the tractor. (Thank God for Crossfit!)

Papa and Jase reading about McQueen and Tow Mater.

 Dad, Jennifer, Granny, Papa, Me, Nana Disney World

 I miss these wonderful people. 

Thank you dad for being my son's Papa.
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  1. I love it!!! You are so blessed to have wonderful memories and wonderful parents!!