Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Fun for the Fourth

     Our Fourth of July weekend was really fun! Jason's older brother Bryon had his 30th birthday party in the boondocks Skiatook. They moved out in to the country so they had a HUGE party for his birthday complete with friends, food, and fireworks.

     Jase had a great time getting to see his cousins. This was the first fourth that Jase really knew what was going on. He knew there would be fireworks, but he had forgotten how loud they could be. I was taking pictures of him eating some ice on this hot day and caught his reaction to the first firework of the day:

     He decided it would be a good idea to keep his ears covered. I am surprised at how much he actually liked the loud booms. 

     Now, here is something I am not sure I agree with. My nephews are 5 and they were enthralled with lighting the fireworks. I don't think I was even allowed to light my own sparkler at that age. They were lighting some big stuff. Here is Bryon A. with a saturn missile! Uh I am still scared of these suckers.

     Here is my boy Conner. I was there the day he was born. I love him more than he knows. He is such a sweet kind hearted boy. He wanted to light the big fireworks too, but he was a little more cautious than his brother. 

The birthday boy.

Silly face...

My favorite boys :)

Sweet boy

     Jase got to watch the older boys play video games. He was really interested in what they were doing and followed them around all weekend like a little lost puppy :)

Aunt Amber

11 week old Memphis...Great Dane Puppy? YES please!!!

Bentley in his 4th of July best :)

Pyromania is the best word for what happened that night.


     I love this picture of my hubby. He is so kind and I am so lucky to be his wife!

     Aunt Amber was very strict about keep her patio clean so when she gave Jase a Hawaiian Punch, she made him go sit on a rock by the tree to drink it. He got it everywhere!!! But he certainly enjoyed his first punch :) 

Matt and Conner

Sweet Ellie was scared to death of the fireworks. 

Parrot Bay Coconut
Cousin R.D.
Caught ya!
R.D. and Billie 

     Happy 30th Birthday Uncle Bryon! We love you!!!!
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  1. i ABSOLUTELY! loved this blog entry. Such beautiful boys, all 3 of them! I t looks like the 4th of July was a relaxing weekend and a blast, fireworks included! I'm so glad Jase had fun watching the fireworks and drinking Hawaiian punch! You took some great photos! you have a wonderful talent!

  2. Auntie may SINGLE HANDEDLY bring back bandanas! It looks SO CUTE on her!

    Thanks for stopping by Holyoke Home! I'm here returning the favor!