Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Disposable Water Camera: Worth the cost?

Fugi Quicksnap Waterproof Disposable Camera 

This is the camera I chose to take with me on my vacation to Arkansas with my dad. I took several photos of Jase in the kiddie pool at Magic Springs. Most of the photos came out over exposed so I would have been severely disappointed if I had just printed off the pictures. Luckily I have gotten in to editing all of my photos so I had Walgreens put the pictures on a CD. This made it where I was able to edit the photos I want then I can choose what pictures to print. The downside is it cost me a little over 8 dollars for the CD. The camera itself was a little over 12. That is 20 dollars for these pictures:

 These photos are ok, not great. I will probably not be buying another waterproof disposable any time soon. For me, I feel that I can get better shots being careful with my digital camera, and get them edited and developed for cheaper than 20 bucks. 

That is just my opinion! 

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I think you got some really cute shots! I think the 20 bucks is worth not getting sand and water on your nice camera. If something were to happen to it, imagine what that would cost...
    Looks like you had a fun time. :)