Friday, July 1, 2011

Goals July 2011

     Wow! I can't believe it is already July 1st. Where did my summer go? The beginning of a new month means a time for reflection and setting new goals for the upcoming month.

     June was not the best month for me health wise. I did not stick to my weight watchers plan at all. I did not drink water. I did not exercise as regular as I should have. I was not very concerned about my health at all. I have been recovering from a back problem and used that as an excuse for too long.  So, this month I have several goals to make sure I am doing what is best for me.

July 2011 Goals:

1. Drink at least 64oz. of water a day.

     I have been severely lacking when it comes to achieving this goal. I went to good ol' WalMart and bought a reusable cup and I am going to have that filled with water by my side at all times. This should help keep me hydrated in the heat while training, as well as help flush the toxins out of my system.

2. I will keep up with my training schedule.

     I have been training, but my whole heart has not been into it. I only have 18 weeks left. That is not very long to get ready to walk 20 miles a day. I am supposed to walk 4 days a week and have an alternate from of training 2 days a week. I will be using Zumba as my alternate training for now, and I will walk the correct mileage from here on out. This will help with my walk but will also help with my weight loss efforts. 

3. I will read at least 1 chapter a night before bed. 
  One of my favorite parts about this summer has been the time I have had to read what I want to read.  I don't have much extra time during the year with all of the grading papers and lesson plans, but in the summer I should be able to catch up on all the books I have wanted to read during the year. I will read at least 1 chapter a night before going to sleep. This will force me to turn the TV off and get in bed and crack the book!

4. I will cook 2 new recipes a week.
  One of my new found loves is cooking. I enjoying taking recipes from magazines and websites and trying to lighten them up. I like to hear that my husband enjoyed what I cooked for him. I love to go out in the backyard and pick what I will be cooking for dinner. I will use 2 recipes from my stash a week this month and document them here. 

5.  I will update my blog at least twice a week. 
      I have really enjoyed seeing the comments from everyone as I have started to update my blog more often. I love getting to share the everyday moments of my life with you. I will update this blog at least twice a week (with the recipes) and more if possible. 

     I will be checking back in August to reflect on these goals and to set more. Follow along with me to watch me on my journey.
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  1. Oh! I see "The Help" in your stack of books! I've got that one on my to read list too. Can't wait to get started on that one.
    You can do it with meeting your goals. I'll cheer you on!